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Promotional Products: How They Can Pay To Advertise for You

Everyone knows that promotional products are an amazing way to get your name out there. The best part is, you can transform just about anything into a promotional item. From t-shirts to mugs, mouse pads to buttons and pins, you can put your name and logo onto just about anything. And while you can give many of your items away for free, there are a ton of great ways to get your promotional items out there and make a buck doing it. 


If you’re wanting to really get your name out there, hosting or donating to a raffle is a great idea. Offering one or two high-end prizes and offering up a free promotional item is great, but don’t forget to add in tons of promotional goodies in the lower prize brackets, as well! The best part is, you can charge for raffle tickets, meaning that guests pay you to wear your advertising! Promotional Products

Promotional Giveaways. 

Be on the scene with your customers at all the big events. Offer freebies to the first x amount of customers, give away small promotional products to all guests or add a few promotional goodies to goodie bags at events. There is no shortage of creative ways to give away items. Though you may not be able to earn outright cash on these sorts of deals, it gets your company’s name out there. 

Booth Loot.

Whether you’re helping with entertainment at a corporate event, scouting out new business at a fair, or helping to spread your name at the latest concert, setting up booths when and where allowed is a great way to score some cash while getting your name and business out there. Booth loot can be anything from customized stuffed animals to accessories such as bracelets, bands, and hats, or t-shirts and branded sneakers. Be as creative as possible with your promotional products at your booth, and you can bet on some serious bank. 

Travel Mugs Promotional Products

There are tons of great ways to earn money and get new customers’ attention with your promotional products. Finding the right events, the best locations, and the most interesting products possible will give you an edge over your competitors. And so will the extra cash you earn by selling stellar promotional products.

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